The last 5000 years of human history has been the most violent of the entire history of humanity and the consequence of these violence on the mind, body and spirit need to be healed. The effects of the endless wars the human race has endured thus far are hurting us all collectively, serving as the driving force behind all the violence being witnessed across the globe today. Terrorism, racism, violence and all the wars are all products of the same condition plaguing the human mind. Our mission here at the New Sun is to first illuminate the condition, a mental illness and initiate the healing needed to cure it. My experience on the battlefield has proven to me that violence breeds more violence and that no amount of killing can end any war, what will is healing. Our campaign is designed to combat violence with healing, spiritually, mentally and economically. What we are facing today is a very advanced multi faced war that is being waged mentally spiritually and economically indiscriminately and the need to take that seriously is now. Our campaign is designed to help us all understand so we can all heal.


We as a race are in the middle of a spiritual war, a war that is threatening to destroy the very foundation of our existence. A war designed to be hard to detect but actively in place attacking our spiritual nature creating conflicts within us. Our campaign is designed to fully engage and combat this condition with spiritual healing.


Every single mental illness such as PTSD, ADHD, Racism, Terrorism are all products of the psychological aspect of this war being waged upon the human race. Mass shootings, domestic violence and many of the sexual assaults being witnessed across the United States and the rest of the world today are all products of this psychological war. Mental healing is how this war will be won.


As money continues to be used as a weapon against billions of human beings poverty rises. Currently a great majority of the humanity live in poverty and cannot afford to live comfortably driving most to resolve to desperate measures in order to survive. The need to end poverty is a state of global emergency and our campaign is designed to help make that a reality.




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