Above all religions all beliefs all gods all governments all rulers all laws is that we are all spiritual beings temporarily confined in physical bodies to develop and grow. That our spiritual realities are superior to our physical lives and deserve more of our attention and focus. That one’s greatest achievement in life is one’s awakening to this truth and acceptance of this reality and not the accumulation of material wealth. This truth is Universal, permeates all known worlds and MUST be held high in all places of worship for without this truth all attempts to please The Most High, The Alpha and Omega are but in vain and all who seek the Kingdom of Heaven without it will never find it. Our work here at The New Sun is to reclaim this truth, repair and restore it so all who are lost may be found, all who are sick may be healed, all who are enslaved may be free and all who are at war may be at peace.




It all began with a spark, one spark that eventually created every living thing in our solar system.  Truth is Life has existed in this solar system for billions of years proven by scientific evidence and over the course of  time life evolved through many forms to become what we have today. The human race are part of a gigantic order of life that spans throughout our Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe beyond. We and the planet on which we live are part of a Star World made of Stars/Suns that are much much older than we know. This Star world is ruled by authorities or powers that are Solar in nature. It is these powers that some religions refer to as God here on Earth.

These solar powers have been cycling throughout the great multitudes of worlds as Gods of Light, great teachers and healers whose marks we see across many cultures as Amen Ra(Ray) Hor(Hru) Helios, Surya, Sham, Elohim, El, Hu, Buddha, Christ(KRST) personified.  

These personifications occur between male and female energies as one united in love. Over the course of the billions of years that life has existed on this planet this phenomenon has occurred multiple times, we represent such incarnation.



Luke “Bright”  ONE

Founder, Teacher, Healer.



Born in Ghana moved to America and joined the US Navy in January 2001. After bootcamp went through Naval medical training before joining the United States Marines as a combat medical technician. After the 9/11 attacks he found himself in Iraq battling alongside the Marines of 1ST Marine Division.

On the battlefield he played the role of a warrior whose mission was to save lives. His duties were to treat wounded and sick marines as well as civilian men, women and children but mostly children.

He spent a total of 11 years with the US Marine Corps, US Navy and finally the US Army.  His experience on the battlefield and subsequent PTS-D sent him on a quest for the truth and healing which led him into the Amazon Jungle where he spent a year healing and learning about plant medicine, the indigenous people and Mother Nature.

In the Amazon he discovered his truth, his connection to nature, the “Sun” the Universe and his purpose in this life. This discovery is what led him to create this ministry and program as his platform to fulfill his destiny.

His educational background is in Writing, Spirituality, Philosophy, War History, Psychology, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Religion, Solar medicine and diplomacy. He is Solar, an Augustinian of the Horian way who hails from the house of Amen/Ausar. Having studied the illusions of his mind, body and spirit he has healed/harmonized all the polarities within himself and has Become One. His mission  now is to help awaken, heal and restore/Free humanity the final piece of the Divine Mission. His book illumination which illuminates his work is now available on Amazon.





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