Honoring The Divine Feminine

Mother Earth

My wish here is to express my gratitude to all the women of God The Creator, beginning with Mother Earth. 



Eye dare you to see

The beauty hidden in me

Eye dare you to feel

The sweeping kiss of my breadth

Carried by the ocean breeze

Eye dare you to heed

The call of the love 

Eye bring unto thee

From the tallest tree

To the smallest seed

My love is all abound

For you to see

Eye dare you to see 

The pain you are causing me

Eye dare you to know me

As eye know thee

So we may together heal

From the heart of she

Who gave birth to thee

In the name of Love Almighty

Stop hurting me

From the heart of

Mother Earth to thee.

The first woman to come into being is the mother of all humanity, The Great Mother Earth from whose womb the first woman and first man first crawled. The Mother who now stands forgotten by the children she brought into being. Wife of The Creator, Mother of mankind on this day as we continue to celebrate the women of our world eye offer you a strong hand salute. 

Homage unto thee, give thanks for all that you have done for all humanity. You have sustained, fed, nurtured and taken back our (garments) bodies even after we leave your home.

Eye offer my deepest gratitude and reconfirm my commitment to you. Eye surrender fully and completely to your love and accept my place with you as your champion, protector and defender. 4 billion years ago our life on this journey first began and for billions more our love will continue to grow. Eye celebrate you today, tomorrow and forever, always.

Hidden within the Divine Feminine is this female energy that over the course of many years has transformed into many different forms based on religion, below are a list of the most known ones.

First Woman, First Mother, First Wife.

Mother of Humanity.


The oldest of the women of The Creator


Behold Meri Auset, most Beloved of The Most High, Mother of The Creations, Queen of The Heavens,(Stars) the primordial progeny of the ages the supreme of all the Divine Females, sovereign of the spirit realm, divine wife, divine mother, divine lover. She whose divinity the whole orb of the mysteries venerates.  

To the Greeks, she is Isis, the Cretians Lady Diana, the Cephians, Venus.

Lady of a thousand names. To the initiates She is the ultimate truth and to those illuminated by the incipient rays of light she is Auset, Wife/Mother of God.



Mother Mary, mother of Yeshua (Yesu) a Christ being is One of the many forms of the women of The Creator. Here eye honor her story as presented and offer my respect to her essence and what she represents as the Mother and nurturer of the Divine.


The Next woman of the Creator eye wish to honor is “the other” Mary, Mary of Magdala, the love partner of  Yeshua(Yesu) the female Christ. Eye honor her and what she represents as the wife and lover of the Divine.



The next Divine Female to be honored is Devi Usha the wife of Syrya another aspect of the Creative Form. Eye honor her and all the other female forms of the Divine incarnated across the vast space of time through the multitudes of spiritual practices. Eye look forward to the day when we can all celebrate each other as One Sacred Family and the day when the divine feminine will be restored to her rightful place as an equal to the her male counterpart, the Divine Masculine.


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