ILLUMINATION – The Voice of The Truth

This book is the first of a series of books created to illuminate the concept of Light as held by the collective inhabitants of the planet Earth. It presents a deep dive into the heart, mind and soul of our current reality by shedding light on the concepts of

  • The Creations and how life began on this planet and offers a glimpse into where its going.

  • Light as a living truth and intellectual reality playing a very vital role in our daily lives and in the afterlife.

  • The Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul as vehicles of consciousness and how they relate to each other.

  • The religions and how the two most dominant ones came into being.

  • Consciousness and the levels at which it operates and how it relates our evolution.

  • The true nature of light and darkness.

  • The true nature of the true self.

  • The current reality being experienced by the collective human race.

  • Who and what God really is above and beyond religion.

The message presented here is as clear as daylight written to help illuminate some of the most polarized ideas dominating the human world today with the sole purpose of shedding light on how to navigate ourselves out of darkness into the dark.


ILLUMINATION 1.0 will be available this summer so stay tuned.



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