The TRUTH AS IT IS Is Our Mission


We The Children of Light recognize that The Truth backed by facts and supported by evidence is the most important piece of our reality and the misprepresentation of The Truth in any shape or form threatens our very existance so we see it as our sacred duty and responsibility to protect and defend The Truth whereever there is a need.

We serve The Truth through through education using lessons, debates, lectures, documentaries and edutainment

We also serve The Truth through books, webinars and discussions on our youtube channel, podcast (coming soon) .

The Book

This book was written to illuminate or shed light on this world and the lies that are being spread all over it by the Children of darkness to help the Children of Light understand the things that are needed to be understood in order to break free

It highlights the most life altering events of modern history and illuminates the powers operating secretly behind these events.

It takes the reader on a jouney back in time to explore the evolution of modern religion and the events that led to their creation.

It explores the mind, body and spirit as well as the levles of consciousness in which the mind operates. Released in digital format (On Amazon) only at this time for the purpose of easier accessibility.