ILLUMINATION is a program offered to illuminate the human complex(Mind, body and spirit) and initiate one’s true awakening. It ignites the solar spark within to vanquish one’s own darkness and liberate the human complex from all forms of bondage. It is a program we use to empower the whole person from the inside out and align it with its highest truth, wisdom, growth and freedom. This is a 21 day program.




ONENESS is a program we use to identify the human mind, body and spirit, its distortions, ailments and illusions, heal it, harmonize, balance and unify it into one. It is a program used to isolate the complexities of the polarized human mind, heal and then unify them into their most harmoneous form and fine tune it to nature as needed. It is the program we use to combat all afflictions of the mind.


Both programs combined enables one to become self realized if that is a path one chooses. Both are 21 day programs that can be taken consecutively or as needed. Both involve lectures, practices and cermonies that are given online and in person. To learn more connect with us.


We can be reached via email through this link, at or via voice at 888-322-3256 during normal day hours.


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