The Human mind is a biochemical computer operating on a level far above the capacity of any computer known to man. On an average the human mind processes millions of information in the blink of an eye. For instance reading this article alone requires you to scan the words along this page whilst sitting or lying down, walking, floating or flying whichever works for you. During this time your body is going through a series of chain reactions all working together to allow you to read and understand these words.

From your eyes to the optic nerves to the brain the absorption of the information being passed requires a very complex process taking place in your mind. To help make this point I’ll like to tell you a story.


Two friends, Mike and Tom walk to a bar, Mike drinks, Tom does not. Mike orders two drinks and tries to force Tom to drink, Tom resists so Mike is forced to drink both glasses by himself. Just then miss Barbie doll walks up and convinces Mike to buy her and her friend several shots of Tequila. Tom is pressured to drink and and two hours later Tom is on the dance floor dancing his ass off with miss Barbie doll. After sweating his ass off he drinks some more just to cool off. After many glasses Tom finds himself spinning on the dance floor. Mike steps in to help his buddy out but Tommy boy wasn’t having it. With the speakers blasting, lights flashing and everyone hyped Tom starts jumping and singing at the top of his lungs.  In his drunken stupor he steps on a few toes and is eventually thrown out of the bar. Outraged he declares war on the streets and starts dissing everyone he meets, eventually the cops step in and Tom a war veteran suddenly switches into combat mode convinced the cops are the enemy and ends up getting his ego bashed in. The next day Tom declared he doesn’t remember anything from the night before except this headache like he had never had before.

Due to the influence of alcohol Tom lost control of the proper functions of his mind and did things he normally wouldn’t do. The ability of the mind to function properly can be interrupted by several factors the most powerful of these is violence. The mind functions on three primary levels, the conscious, subconscious and super conscious. For the purpose of time and space I will only focus on the first two. The conscious mind is the waking mind and is under the control of the will whilst the subconscious mind is the “sleeping” mind and is not under the control of the will. Both are affected by our experiences and both react differently to them. The subconscious mind is the mind that controls all the automatic functions of the body like heartbeat, breathing, the circulation of blood, the movement of the body etc. This mind stores all our experiences and functions like the hard drive of a computer and is responsible for our nature and behavior, our psychological framework. It is the seat of PTS-D and the most neglected part of the two minds.

When we experience trauma and violence this mind stores the experience and uses it to modify our behavior in accordance with that experience. The subconscious mind unlike the conscious mind communicates in visuals and sound and does not distinguish real life events from video games and movies. To the subconscious mind a game of Call of Duty and the Star Wars  movies are real life combat experiences and it uses that data to modify your behavior to fit that type of environment. Horror movies for example produce effects on the subconscious mind similar to an actual experience of the story in real life even though the conscious mind knows it’s just a movie.

Every single human being who has had a traumatic experience or seen violence on a screen will develop some level of PTS-D, guaranteed. The people most susceptible to this condition are children, followed by women and finally men. The condition interferes with the normal functions of the mind similar to alcohol and drugs and is the most common cause of depression and suicide.   To properly deal with this “the experience” that caused it has to be addressed at the subconscious level, both mentally and spiritually. The use of drugs and alcohol compounds it on the long term, eventually causing the mind to collapse on itself leading to suicidal thoughts and sometimes criminal behaviors.

I am a former combat doc(Navy FMF) with 11 years of military service and I know this condition from my own personal experience. Having battled it myself I understand the true nature and danger of the condition and have developed a program to combat it. I wish to offer it through this program so please stay tuned for more details, to be announced on our campaigns page.


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