The New Sun concept represents the rebirth of the human soul in new light renewed, symbolized by the Rising Sun as the Phoenix. Illumination is the program that awakens the New Sun (The Light) within. Here is where one recognizes one’s truth and becomes one with that truth. It is the oldest and most profound of all spiritual transformation systems deeply rooted in MAAT. This program brings one to an enlightened cognitive perception connected directly to The Sun and not through a mediator as most spiritual practices on the planet today  teach.

The process holds the power of complete healing and places one on the path to immortality in harmony with the forces of life/nature. It places one face to face with the powers of creation and takes one beyond the limits of religion to the very beginning of life where one beholds the majesty of The Creator. The New Sun is the only known concept that holds the power of defeating darkness/evil from one’s consciousness. As a New Sun one becomes one and begins to shine as One with The Light and as One Light one becomes One with Life.

When complete what one gains is one’s self mastery and the control over one’s personal power wielded with absolute confidence. Herein lies the key to true ascension where one enters the higher hierarchies of spirituality accepted as an equal not as a subordinate, servant or slave but equal. This concept of being is what we bring to all who choose to be. One Light, One Life, One Love. The world today is populated by many concepts of life, what’s yours, share below.



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