The Story of The Creations.

The Flower of life

Life is a journey and for one to know one’s destination one must first know where one’s journey began. Let us take a short trip back to the very beginning of time to help shed more light on this journey. Many are the “stories” that have been told about the beginning of life as we know it. From the ancient of days endless are the ideas of creation that have been formed from the many cultures that have sprung forth from the lands. Most of these stories however have been nothing but the creations of man’s own limited imagination. The oldest story available today is the one told by the people of the pyramids in Ancient Africa, Kmt.

It is a story told by the High Priests of Atum/Amen Ra(Ray)

Golden Ankh with sunbeams representing the breath of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata, cross with a handle.


“I Am He who came into being as Kheper and brought all beings into being. Many were the beings that came forth from the commands of my mouth. I raised up the primordial waters and the beings of the oceans and formed the lands from the desires of my heart. Laying the foundation through MAAT using the principles of Shu(Light/Fire) and Tefnut(Water) I created life forms of every kind. Plants and trees and all things which creep and crawl upon the land.

Then I brought into being a vast number of Divine Beings as my own off springs and from them came

forth the multitudes of the lands.”

-Excerpt from The Book of Life-

As much as this makes for a great read there is more to this story than meets the naked eye.

Billions of human years ago, this story you are about to be told took place with a big bang bigger than anything you have ever seen.

The story about life on Earth began with one of the Greatest Miracles in all existence caused by the Greatest Power of all, Love.

In the beginning, there was nothing but the Great Void, the Total Emptiness, the Absolute Silence. Out of this silence and emptiness the First Awareness took form, not light nor dark, male nor female but pure awareness, a presence that cannot be explained with words. As this presence became aware of itself it began to shift, drifting slowly along, it observed the silence in absolute peace. Soon this Awareness began to sense its own motion and as it observed this motion it became even more aware of itself. Along it moved without a specific destination or purpose but to satisfy its only desire, to be. As it moved along this first awareness began to desire an increase in motion. As it increased its own motion it became aware of its own speed. With this new awareness it began to explore its ability to move at different speeds, it will speed up, then slow down, stop and then go.

As it explored these different rates of speed it began to desire something new so it stopped, observed itself and began to spin around, change directions and began to speed more and more, changing directions along the way as it shot through space. Changing speed and directions it picked up yet another new awareness a new energy it has not been aware of before. The speed, spinning and rotations began to create shifts in its own temperature. As the First Awareness began to observe this shifting temperature it began to desire more of it. It increased its own speed, spins and rotations till this new awareness began to increase more and more. With increasing speed and heat suddenly a spark ignited and First Awareness became aware of yet another awareness, something more intense than all its previous awareness combined. Desiring this experience more it observed and came to realize that the spark came from a collision, a collision with a second awareness, another part of itself. This realization sent shock waves through First Awareness. The thought that there was possibly another awareness likened to itself out there created a new awareness, a very deep feeling of excitement that it had to have more of.

This excitement was so intense that it overwhelmed its senses so much that it shot forth with full force to recreate the collision to explore it some more. As it sped forth at mind blowing speeds the feeling increased for its desire for a companion was absolute. It homed in and shot forth till it felt it again and placed itself in perfect alignment with this new energy with all its might. The collision was deafening and from it came forth a blinding light, sustaining this light the two came into being, twin flames twin energies, one male, one female the two as One.

They observed each other and knew immediately what they had become and glided towards one other into a loving embrace. This loving embrace is how life began. The first life to come into being was love, and from this love/energy every atom, plant, animal, man, woman came. From this first family came the the human race. Over time this story has changed due to the interference of  “other” forms of life that took form along the way.

Everyone has a story, here is mine, what is yours, tell us below.



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