A Vivid Clear Representation of Hu The Sun Is, What The Sun Is And What The Sun Represents To ALL LIVES, Plants, Animals and Human Beings. 

The Truth

Like The Sun can never be long hidden.

Is the truth 7 lives away?

7 years away?

7 days away?

7 minutes away?

7 seconds away?

Was it ever away?

Some say it is lost but That loss is nothing but a dream.

The truth, the moment it is found

The poor is crowned king

The blind man sees and

The mute man sings.


The Sun, is the most important piece of our lives but the most misunderstood and least respected of all that we hold dear. The reason for this is because of millennia long violent campaigns of negative men and spiritual forces to suppress and discredit the Sun in the minds of humanity. To be clear, what is presented here is a scientific, spiritual, philosophical, logical, astronomical, mathematical fact backed by irrefutable evidence. The Sun The Light of The World IS THE SOURCE OF THE ENERGY THAT GIVES LIFE TO ALL OF US, plants, animals and human beings. The Sun The Light of The World is the reason why all of us are alive and deserves to be treated with  the highest respect and honored for that truth. In todays world it is sad to say but people give their possessions and pets more respect than they give the Sun and that is unacceptable.

I Am The Light,

The Moon and the Stars

   Rising ever higher my true self soars!

I Am The Dawn

     A Glorious New Beginning

   All knowing my one eye is seeing.

     I Am the blue sky,

   A falcon soaring high

      Upon the clearness of a blue horizon

     From within I Am Arisen

                              I Am Life

                   The Living Fire

     The Brightest Star in The Sky.

My duty here is to bring understanding to the nature, power and importance of the Sun, The Light of The World. We are star beings, made of light and stardust.

  • The material that all the planets are composed of, are stardust that originated in the Sun.

  • The fabric of our flesh and bones are made of stardust.

  • The air we breathe, the water we drink are made of stardust.

  • Our moods, weather and behaviors are governed by the stars.

  • And when we shed our flesh in the process labeled as death, it is to the stars we return.

  • The atmosphere in which we exist are made up of 98% solar energy. 

If you dig deep within it is the stars you will find and the need to know this truth is a matter of life and death. 

Some basic facts about the Sun.

The Light of The World.

  • Made of Hydrogen and Helium He permeates all life forms.

  • He produces the energies of life, light and heat (Life Force) by converting more than 700,000,000 tons of Hydrogen ore into Helium per second.

  • He generates enough power in one minute to power the whole earth for 30 days.

  • He is 1.3 million times bigger than Earth and much larger than all the planets combined.

  • His energy makes up 98% of this solar system and His vastness supersedes all that the naked eye can see.

  • His average temperature is 1 million Kelvin (about 10 million degrees Fahrenheit).

  • His core temperature averages 33 million degrees Fahrenheit and can melt everything one can see and touch in the blink of an eye.

  • He is the most powerful force in all existence and hold the key to healing all sicknesses and diseases known to man.

  • He is The One Hu brought fire into being, to feed, keep you warm and maintain the rivers and oceans of the Earth.

  • His aura is the magnetic force that keeps the planets in orbit as we travel through space.

  • The source of pure spiritual knowledge and power.

The Sun The Light of the World sustains us not just physically but spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well and is the embodiment and symbol of The Creator as Father.  The documentary below sheds more light on the Sun, watch to learn more.

Now to clarify what the narrators mentioned getting to the end of the documentary in regards to the Sun collapsing and becoming a dwarf star at the end of His Life span in 5-6 billion years as evidenced by the collapse of other stars witnessed throughout the Galaxy. This statement is not accurate and here is why. Stars collapse to clear out negative energies but regenerate again with new energy symbolic of the phoenix. When the organisms populating a solar system maintain positive energies and do not allow negative energies to multiply among them then the stars keep shining and growing and have no end, evidenced by the 20-30 billion years stars that current exist throughout the Universe.

To learn more and to recieve guidance to awaken this truth in you CLICK HERE ILLUMINATION


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